SHEMROCK Blessings is the most recent member of SHEMROCK and SHEMFORD Group of Schools. It is the country’s first playschool which has worked unceasingly since 1989 to provide a child-friendly, co-operative, harmonious system of education to the future of our country. Learning at SHEMROCK focusses on enjoyable and enriching experiences with a revolutionised approach to provide quality education to the children so as to enable them to become able citizens of the globe.

Since its inception in 1989, SHEMROCK playschool has aimed to work consistently to provide quality education to its SHEMROCKites by following a teaching-learning methodology to ensure a ROCK Solid foundation for its children. The infrastructure for the school was effectively laid down by the award winning team of educationists, the Arora clan, who worked towards promoting a systematic curriculum to identify the innate talents of the children. Their zealous efforts and complete guidance helped assess the aptitude and skills of the children, thereby turning them into Smart, Self-confident and Self-assured SHEMROCKites with a broader outlook towards life. The cumulative experience of 100 years of the efficient management team has supplemented to the standard of education by focussing on playful learning by satisfying the child’s inquisitive mind.


SHEMROCK Blessings is a place where the facilitators take the children on a journey where learning is interesting, engaging, enriching and motivating, a place where children inculcate manners and etiquettes, become self-dependent and successful on the world platform. We offer 4 different classes to our children depending on their age groups.


SHEMROCK Blessings is a school complete in itself with innumerable facilities for its children. SHEMROCK provides a conducive, stress-free learning environment for its SHEMROCKites to enable them to lead a happy, imaginative and purposeful life. For this, diverse facilities are offered in the school premises which help in the overall development of the children.


At SHEMROCK Blessings, we try to celebrate most national & regional festivals, special days and other occasions throughout the academic year. We ensure to bring out the right concept and tradition of our diverse culture by organising events, performances and competitions that are memorable and cherished by our Children, Parents and Teachers forever.