About Us

SHEMROCK Blessings, located in the city of Uttarakhand, is bliss for the children of Bahadrabad, Rohalki Kishanpur, Bongla, Alipur, Khadli, Jamalpur and Barrier No. 6. A playschool with a difference, SHEMROCK Blessings is fully equipped to work on and develop the physical, cognitive, emotional, spiritual and social development of its children through well designed activities for empowering their mental horizon.

It is systematically run by the Chauhan family, with Sh. Gyanchand Chauhan, Smt. Rajneesh Chauhan and Mr. Rajeev Chauhan as the owners, Ms. Neha Chauhan as the MD and Ms. Anjali Chauhan as the HM and MD. Mr. Ashu Chauhan & Manish Chauhan are responsible for Marketing and promotional campaign of SHEMROCK Blessings. SHEMROCK Blessings works to polish a child’s confidence and develop her creativity, fluency in language and social skills. In short, it has all the ingredients required for the growth and progress of its children and promotes ‘Beti BachaoBeti Padhao’ movement.

SHEMROCK Blessings welcomes you all to be part of its family where it works consistently to help children make a mark on the global level.